17 Ways To Make Pinterest More Effective



The 17 Quickest Ways To Get Customers Using Pinterest

Businesses and marketers are going viral with their branding of their product and messages by creating images of their product and services on Pinterest.

Pinterest is the platform of choice of many businesses and marketers.  It has grown over the past few years;  it is one of the biggest, most popular social media website on the internet today.. interestingly.

Below are some tips to consider to get the most from marketing on and with Pinterest.

1)  Create a profile that is informative, use catchy phrases to draw potential customers to your boards.  Choose a username you want your customers to identify with your brand.

2)   Pinterest is a visual board.  People go there to get inspired and seek information about topics they are interested in.

3)  Pinterest is a social board so you want to engage with others by sharing, liking and favorite their boards when you come across images and topics you are interested in.

Give constructive comments and criticism.

4)  Add your own exciting and visually engaging imagery to your boards.

5)  Leverage your blog.  Drive your audience from your blog to your Pinterest account.  Organize your boards to coincide with your blog topics.

6)  Keep your Pinterest boards fresh.

7)  Do not spam.  Pinterest is cracking down on spammers.   Do not post excessively in a day.  Occasionally follow, share, like or comment on others board and again do not overdue within a day.

8) Pin Quality Images.

9)  Use hashtags to capture a user attention.  You need to be following at least one of the users’ board before tagging the.

10)  Connect with other social media sites.  Within the Pinterest settings you can settings to link to your Facebook and twitter accounts.

11)  Pinterest is a great media to locate different audiences.  Target your niche audience and follow their boards or engage in building a relationship with them without sounding so salesy.

12)  Brand your images.   You can use your logo on your images or url leading to your website.

13)  Infographics are popular and well received on Pinterest.  Tell a story with your Infographics; make it clear, concise and interesting.


14)  Use text with your images to describe your content.

15)  Have a strategy for building your Pinterest audience.

16)  Stay active on Pinterest and post regularly.

17)  Have a Pinterest Party.  Be sure to let your follows know what the theme is and come ready to party.




Pinwoot – Gain followers by following and sharing others pins and or board.



Pinterest for business -  help millions of people to discover your business on Pinterest.



spinpicks  – users browse the web for images and pin them directly to pinboard of their choice.   Pull images from Instagram, Twitpic, Reddit, Flicker creative common, YouTube and PicPlz.

Viraltag (formerly Pingraphy)  Upload your original content with Viraltag rich toolset. Viraltag processes thousands of feeds with engaging content to post.



PinBooster. This tool links advertisers with Pinterest users who are willing to pin content for compensation. The higher a user’s influence, the higher price he or she can command. What’s more, PinBooster tracks all campaigns.


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