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Pinterest is being used by big brand as a marketing tools to announce new products, contests, promotional items, surveys and more.  If you think your business have no business being on Pinterest think again.  Pinterest is the marketing tool of choice.

You can  upload post and images on pin boards of Pinterest. Share those same photos and images with potential clients, customers, friends and followers.  Place a description below the images to enhance promotion of your board(s).  Use keywords and phrases for SEO (search engine optimization).

Three benefits to Pinterest marketing are:

1)  Pinterest receives over 100 million visitors per month, which is truly remarkable given it was only created in the beginning of 2010.

2)  Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site making it the third most popular after Twitter and LinkedIn.

3)  The majority of Pinterest users are female and this is explained by the fact that the most popular categories on Pinterest are arts and crafts, fashion and house and home.

4)  Despite having a strong female following, men are also becoming increasingly familiar with this new social media platform.

5)  More business are using Pinterest as a marketing tool to help promote their business.

6)  Visitors tend to spend more time when there are large, vibrant pictures on social media sites than any other. Browsing is very popular and given the vast quantity and quality of images there are millions of images and categories now uploaded for viewing on Pinterest.

However you choose to use Pinterest, it is clear that as a marketing tool it is highly effective. So if it is money you are out to make this social media marketing tool will prove itself to be extremely beneficial.


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Canva - images and Infographics tools


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