How Often Have You Said: “No, I Have Not Travel There Before. I’ve Been Meaning To Though”



Pinterest has recently launched a mobile app called, “Guided Search”.  New app will help you locate places for your road trips, bike trails, parks and more.

There is no excuse why you couldn’t locate the family reunion or plan a getaway trip.  You now have information about places you want to go on your mobile device using, “Guided Search”

 Discover places you never heard of that would make a great adventure for you, family and friends.  

Pictures and descriptive guides to give you a visual of the places you discover on the Guided Search.

 Gain More Pinterest Followers In Three Steps

1)  Go to search box and insert interest groups

2)  Click pinners tab at left top

3)  Start following boards within your interest group

You will find when you start following interest boards many will follow you back.  

Do Not Spam.

Do not follow more than 300 boards each day.

Pin valuable and fun content relating to your interest boards.  Repin and comment on your followers boards.  Build a relationship with your followers.

Use Keywords and key phrases in the descriptive box under image for SEO optimization.


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