How Pinterest Marketing Can Work For You



Using Pinterest gives you the ability to Create keyword files of highly relevant terms and phrases and incorporating them into your content which is a key to ranking high with SEO engines.

Not only will using keyword help you position yourself within the search engines, but your visitors and readers will be exceptionally targeted!

Yes, you can utilize SEO with Pinterest by posting descriptions underneath your images using keywords relating to your content, product, brand, etc.


Pinterest Pays – Promote your books, DIY art n crafts, and more on Pinterest FREE- You can sell, talk about, Promote and More…It’s another platform to get the word out.

If you do not have an eBook about your business creating one to give away to your customers for free is a great way to build your customer base list, fans, subscriptions etc.


Pinterest is the new social media platform used by more and more people as a way to share and promote both their ideas and business.

It is in fact, exactly as it sounds in the sense that Pinterest is literally a pinboard where you can stick and display your images.

List of How Pinterest Marketing Can Work For You:

1)  Easy for others to see your placed images and share

2) Brands can gain followers and create customers

3) Competition is fierce alongside giants like Facebook and Google

4) Connect people globally with similar interests

5) Business clientele generator

6) Increase fan base

7) Lucrative business if used effectively

8) Products can be promoted worldwide

9) SEO if keywords used making it easy for friends and customers to find you with search engines

The above is only a limited possibility of the usage of how Pinterest marketing can work for you.


Friends and followers are able to see your images etc and share with others to create a further network of followers.

Where business and products are concerned gaining followers on Pinterest can create new customers, sales and more importantly profits.

The use of Pinterest as a marketing tool is on the increase and competition is fierce alongside internet marketing giants such as Google and Facebook.

Social media platforms connect people with similar interests and therefore reaching our far beyond the immediate boundaries.

Pinterest is an access to a wider audience and is clientele generated through as far as business goes.

Products can be promoted worldwide increasing sales and profit shares.

Updating your images regularly and making sure you capture an interest in what you are pinning to your Pinterest profile will help increase your fan base.

Followers have the ability to share with their friends and followers and this can be very beneficial for your business.  The above is an example how your pins can go viral.

In a nutshell, Pinterest marketing can be very lucrative if used effectively.

In order to gain followers you need to choose what you are sharing carefully and if you are promoting your own products then make sure images are well presented and eye catching.

When promoting your images make sure you put a short but keyword description of the image for SEO (search engine optimization).  Fans when searching for you by search engines can easily find you when your pins are ranked high with SEO.

Image presentation is the most important thing about Pinterest and done well can be a great asset and form of internet marketing.

Pinterest is rolling out a new tool called “Explore Interest” giving brands a place to display case products.

It will give you the opportunity to explore Pinterest not based solely on who you follow.

Pinterest also hopes to roll out Paid Advertisement.  The plan is to have alluring pictures that will entice visitors to click and buy.

Inlinkz- It is a project manager,  A great way to monetize your products, a widget that will create product lists, connect to affiliate products, helps to create traffic, share links


Host a blog party.  Set up blog party send it out and your blog becomes a hub party where people come back to see what is new.  For your party you can have a vote, have winners, start and end time, you set rules and Inlinkz will do the rest.


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Piqora – helps you customize promotions, sweepstakes, track contests and more on Pinterest.  Study your most engaging pins, see who is pinning on a dashboard.

Interest Tool- On your desktop browser you will see a new category where you can enter your interest and it will pull up pins that fit that preference.

pinterest interest

Pinterest! Preview! “Explore Interests” is in beta stage for “Your “personalized” page itself is a collection of words and topics that seem to be based on your pinning activity.



Pinterest Paid Advertisement.  The plan is to have alluring pictures that will entice visitors to click and buy.  Pinterest will starting out with a few Brand names in its beta stages of this experiment.


Inlinkz – It is a project manager,  A great way to monetize your products, a widget that will create product lists, connect to affiliate products, helps to create traffic, share links directly from products.


Business Widget Builder – bloggers now have the ability to place a Pinterest widget or button on their site easily with widget builder.


Ambassador Program – Turn customers into Brand Ambassador

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