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Marketing On Pinterest Pays


Pinterest is a social media network based on visual images. The essence of how it works is its members can create virtual bulletin boards where they can “pin” images they like. For example, someone who likes fashion may post images of different fashions they have designed or would like to design.

Remember, Pinterest is a business and the owners of Pinterest are in business to make money.  What is so wonderful is they are looking for people who want to make money with their own business.  


The platform is great for socializing, networking and doing all the things you love showing others images of the things you love.

You have the opportunity to market your products and other people products. 

It is a business, so treat it as any other business, develop a business plan.

You must have Goals  to reach any level of success in your business.  Here is a key below about goals :

G- ground rules for business

O- Opt your wording and images carefully

A-  Analyze  how  you are going to accomplish your plan in details and aggregate design packages for leverage

L – Leverage by guest blogging influential marketers in similar markets to write for your blog or to do an interview

S- Steps you need to take to advance your plan forward. If you discover additional steps are needed add them to your plan.  Continuously perfect your usage of systems you choose to promote your business


Pin clear messages and bold  images to your board linking to products you are selling or promoting.


The power if Pinterest is if someone likes the pin, or image someone pinned, then they can save it to different boards and track the pin for future use.


Pins can be shared (which is the power of the social media aspect of Pinterest) and can ultimately help a business, product, etc go viral.

By using images, it can help drive traffic because people don’t have to rely purely on text to get an idea of what a product looks like or its use.

Images are powerful and the right images can be shared by thousands of people in a short period of time all the while driving traffic to your website.

When considering social media marketing to promote one’s business, there is more than just Facebook and Twitter.

 You should consider using Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, ScoopIt and many more similar to Facebook. 

Once someone pins an image, it shows up on their “network” of followers which again can broaden your brands exposure with very little work on your part. That’s the beauty of social media marketing!



Pinwoot - Get Pinterest followers and repins & schedule pins for free.  



Pin4ever – Easy way to see your top pins.  Helps you develop a strategy for your pinning successes and failure. You can easily see which pins are being clicked, followed or repined more.  Keep track of Google analytic report. 



Shoeboxed: file important papers online.


Pixlr: Edit Photos On The Fly

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