Pinterest Sharing to Twitter Has Come to A Stop



Have you notice lately that you are unable to share your Pinterest Pins to Twitter?   

I thought there was a system problem so I sent an email to Pinterest support staff.  See Below:

LindamosesincApr 07 09:27Hi I am unable to share my pins to Twitter…only Facebook share is showing. I went to my settings and set and reset the button and it still is not showing.
(This is the first reply I received)
Pinterest Support (Pinterest Help)Apr 07 09:27Hi there,Thanks for writing in, and we’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with sending or receiving Pins!Here are some solutions to help you get back to sending Pins:My friends’ names don’t show up when I try to send them Pins.To send friends Pins, you’ll need to follow them and they’ll need to follow you. To make sure that’s the case, confirm that you see your friend’s name in both of the following lists:

Friends aren’t receiving the Pins I’m sending them.

We recently updated our send a Pin feature to require mutual following. This means Pins won’t be sent if you try to send them by clicking on a name from “Recent Contacts” if that person isn’t following you.

Find the person you’re trying to send Pins to on Pinterest and make sure you’re following them and they’re following you. Once that’s the case, one of you can type in the other’s name to send them a Pin.

How do I see Pins I’ve sent or received?

To see the Pins you’ve received, click on your notifications at the top of Pinterest. If you see a Pin in your email inbox but not in your notifications, it means the person sent it to your email rather than your profile (see the issue above for how to fix this).

At this time, we don’t have a feature that allows you to see which Pins you’ve sent to friends. Until we do, we suggest Pinning the Pin you like and then sending it to a friend so you don’t lose it.

Spam bots aren’t letting me send Pins.

If our spam bots are blocking the Pins you’re sending, this block should only last a day or so. You’ll be able to send Pins again soon after you see the error.

I can’t send a message with my Pin because the message bubble doesn’t work.

Sorry about that! We’re working on getting this fixed on the newest version of Internet Explorer. In the meantime, we recommend sending Pins with messages from a different browser like Chrome.

I want to clear the my Recent Contacts of people I’ve sent Pins to.

To do this, go to and click “Clear Recent Contacts”.

I’m getting an error message when I try to send a Pin to my own email address.

Right now, we aren’t able to support sending pins to the email linked to your account, but you should be able to send them to any other addresses. The best way to save a Pin for yourself, is to Pin it to a public or secret board so you can find it again later.


The Pinterest team

(The first reply I received did not answer my question so I sent another request for assistance to the help desk.  I thought maybe I had done something wrong and was being penalized). 
Second Request for Assistance:

I am unable to share my pins to my twitter account.  I reset the button in my setting account with no change.  I am Only able to share with Facebook.
Kind Regards,
This is the second reply I received.  I was very impressed by the prompt replies I received (less than 24 hours)
Arla (Pinterest Help)Apr 08 16:18Hi Linda,Sorry for the trouble!The option to post to Twitter was something we were testing out and now we’re changing a few things to make it better if we decide to roll it out to everyone in the near future.Hopefully you’ll see the feature again soon! I passed your feedback along to our engineering team so they know it’s a feature pinners are interested in seeing again.I wish there was a better solution I could offer for the moment, but please know that your feedback is being heard and we’re working to make Pinterest better for you!Thanks for your patience,Arla | Community Specialist
Anyone else notice the inability to share to your twitter account?   How do you feel about not being able to share your pins to your Twitter account?   
I for one will miss not being able to share my pins to Twitter.  I sure hope Pinterest will reconsider and allow sharing once again to Twitter.
There is still a post option to twitter if you have your account connected to your twitter account.  Once you add the picture be sure to check the box underneath the description box.  Your image may not show on the twitter page only the name and description.
“I thought I saw a Tweetie Bird”

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