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Pinterest is the 3rd most popular social media site in the U.S.?  People are drawn towards images and it appears to hold the attention span of most visitors on the web.

Photos, images, graphics, etc. can be extremely powerful or, funny or, thought-provoking, etc. So, the basis of Pinterest, which is people pinning their inspirational images, makes sense as to why the social networking site is so popular.

The mission is to get marketers to pay attention and have your site classified as “popular” or a “social media spot” then businesses, professionals, and especially internet.   More people will be visiting your boards and it is your opportunity to turn those visitors into buyers with your creativeness.

However, internet marketers tend to have very little time and often rely on tools to get specific tasks done quickly so they can focus on other aspects of their business.  There are many tools to help marketers to analyze their business strategy.

So, if you’re a busy marketer and would like to take advantage of the power of Pinterest, why not check out a few of the many tools that can make your life a lot easier.




One such tool to help marketers is Pin Alerts. This tool will send you a message to your email account whenever an image from your site is pinned on Pinterest. You can monitor certain websites similar to Google Alerts.


Another useful tool is Pinerly which can help you monitor your Pinterest campaigns. Keep track of likes, clicks, repins, etc. with your Pinerly account.


Pinvolve. This is a Facebook app that allows you to show your pins on your Facebook page adding to the viral potential of these popular social media sites.


Pinstamatic  A tool to help you add content, music, notes and more to Pinterest.  Create great editing to boards without using any editing tools.


Snapito  Capture snap pictures of your website to share on Pinterest with Snapito.


Hellosociety  Has hundreds of the most influential followed people on Pinterest.  Find the leading brand partnerships on Hellosociety.  Powerful Analytics with valuable insight into reach results and engagement.



Curalate  Works with both Pinterest and Instagram.  It provides in depth analytics of your images.  You are also able to measure your competitors image helping you to learn from their successes and mistakes to better your product.


Piktochart  Make Infographics made easy with this helpful tool.


url2pin.it  If you have a photo without a url the url2pin.it can make it happen.  It turns the photos from your computer and turn them into a pin-able url.


Tailwind - Pinterest Marketing Tool  Curate content, Identify Pinterest Users, monitor brand, analyze pins,  connect with influential followers, and more

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