Starting All Over Again: Building Your Brand On Pinterest



What are your goals?

To reach , connect, sale your products or inform  and /or share with others.

How do you accomplish your goals using Pinterest? 

1.  Write a profile telling others who you are and what end result you want to accomplish.  

2.  Gather images of your product or ideas 

3.  Label the boards appropriately so your visitors do not have to guess 

4.  Write a description underneath  the images or product 

5.  Connect with other pinners with the same interests or likes

6.  Comment on other pinners board, repin and /or share to other social platforms 

Throw A Pin Party

1.  Send out invitation

2.  Tell your guests what kind of party it is

3.  Do you want them to pin images/ write comments about your pins/ pin or repin 

Leveraging the Power of Pinterest 

!.  Be Unique

2.  Tell a story with images

3.  Give away something in return for something – a signup or a repin or honest appraisals and reviews.

4.  Pin Buttons placed on your blog sites and can be seen 

5.  Quality images 

6.  Pin consistently

7.  Pin to community boards 

8.  Five different categories to follow top brand leaders: most followers, most comments, most likes, most pins and most repins.

9.  Tell your story

10. Videos

Pinterest allows video uploads from only three sources.

The only sources supported are YouTube videos, Daily Motion, Vimeo videos and Ted Talks.

You cannot upload a video from your own website, but you can create a YouTube or Vimeo account and pin your own video from there



ShareAsImage is a handy extension that enables you to create picture quotes on the fly from any webpage, including your own.



Postris (formerly Repinly)

Postris describes itself as a “content discovery dashboard” and comes with a simple interface to help you stay on top of what is hot and trending across Pinterest.

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